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8 Chicks Dry Rosé with Bubbles 

A crisp, dry rosé wine which perfectly pairs with a variety of soft cheeses and light fare. Featuring delightful floral hints and slight carbonation, this wine is perfect for sipping year-round. Best served chilled. 

Available in 4-pack 375ml cans

Specialty Cocktails: 8 Chicks Spritz 
$12.95 per Bottle
June 2019 Sale
Tomasello American Ranier Rosé

Tomasello Ranier Rosé is a moderately sweet rosé wine with the taste of freshly picked grapes. Made primarily from the Native American grape known as the Catawba, the fruity, intense character is well-suited as a dessert wine beyond the table. Made for over 86 years at our family’s vineyard, it enjoys a very loyal following that continues to grow every day! For the sweeter palette, it is of medium intensity for the Ranier collection.

Notes: Sweet Rosé, Catawba grape
Suggested Pairing: Poultry, semi-soft cheeses or slightly spicy dishes
$13.95 | $10.46 per Bottle
$167.40 | $125.52 per Case
Shore House Rosé

Shore House Rosé is a premium semi-dry rosé wine with pronounced fruit flavor. Shore House Rosé is the essence of summer! Best served chilled.

Notes: Semi-sweet, fruity, sipping wine
Suggested Pairings: Brie and assorted soft cheeses, Sea Bass

$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case