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BW #68 Cellars

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On December 6, 1933, the day after the Federal Goverment ratified the 21st Amendment repealing Prohibition, Frank Tomasello, a home winemaker with vision, drove his Chevy pickup truck from his home in Hammonton, NJ to Washington, DC to apply for a Bonded Winery License.  Undeterred by a heavy snowstorm along the way, Frank was issued Bonded Winery License #68, becoming the 68th Winery in the Nation licensed after the repeal of the 18th Amendment.  With over 7000 Wineries currently licensed in the United States, Frank was nearly the first in line and his Sons and their Sons have been crafting and know quality wines for a very long time. 

Bonded Winery #68 Cellars wines are proprietary blends of classic grape varieties that capture the spirit of the Winery's founder and the generations before them. 
Jack and Charlie Tomasello, Sons of the Sons of the Founder

Bonded Winery #68 Cellars Bold Vine Red
is a proprietary red wine made in the style of a hearty field blend with forward brambleberry fruit and balanced underlying structure.  Comprised of a blend of Red Zinfandel and Merlot , BVR is a very approachable food wine ;great with with pasta dishes, grilled filet with portabellos and braised short ribs.

$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case

Cranberry Moscato

Spiced Apple Wine

Palmaris 2015 Outer Coastal Plain Merlot Reserve