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Berebi Stem-Alexandria-China Blue & Sapphires

Height: 5 1/2 " - please note: bowls are sold separately and not included in height measurement Edgar Berebi pieces are created for connoisseurs of fine taste and excellence in workmanship. These classically beautiful pieces are the perfect accent to a handsomely appointed home �elevating any room to sheer refinement. The enduring quality of such timeless pieces can only be achieved by the meeting of the artist and the master a single, individual craftsman. Edgar Berebi, originally a jeweler, creates a collection of decorative hardware, stunning tableware and keepsake pieces that become instant heirloom as soon as they are introduced to a family�s collection. His work is a marriage of art and function in luxury precious metal finishes: museum gold plate, 22 kt. and burnished silver plate; crystalized with shimmering Swarovski Crystals. Florentine Gold Plate and Matte Sterling Silver Plate are also featured. All are museum quality pieces, numbered and made in the United States that exhibit 360˚ degrees of hand-engraved detail by master model makers and Old World Engravers gathered from mints, museums, and restoration shops from the world over. To produce a single prototype for molding, each master engraver will dedicate thousands of hours with only one magnifying loop and a small assortment of hand tools. The attention to detail and the superior workmanship is a standard guaranteed by Edgar Berebi. Should anything happen to your exquisite Berebi collectible, please be assured that you may return it at any time for repair

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