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Spiced Apple Wine

Spiced Apple Wine

A bold, pure apple wine for simple sipping and creative pairings. Combining the deliciousness of crisp Autumn apples and traditional mulling spices, enhance the delightful experience by serving warm. 

Suggested Pairings: Melted Brie & Toasted Almonds, Baklava, Apple Strudel

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Tomasello Spiced Apple
Tomasello Spiced Apple Wine is a delicious combination of Autumn apples and mulling spices, conjuring images of fallen leaves under foot, good books by the fireside and watching snow fall silently with a plate of apple pie. Perfect for serving warm with melted Brie, toasted almonds and Granny Smith apple slices. Delicious on Goblin nights, during Thanksgiving festivities, at your next tailgate party or after a good run down the slopes. Tomasello Spiced Apple Wine warms the chill in the air and give you something to look forward to, beside shoveling snow this winter!
Wine Style Dessert Wine / Port
Size 750 ml