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4 Tomasello Wines for your Holiday Table at a 20% Discount
  • Cranberry Moscato a fun festive greeting for your guests
  • 2016 Outer Coastal Plain Dry Riesling a crisp refreshing wine with a pronounced spicy character to sip with all of your starters and to carry over to the main event
  • 2016 Outer Coastal Plain Syrah a bold yet suble red that weill complement the turkey and all of its trimmings
  • Mulled Spice Wine ... perfect served warmed by the fire with a cinnamon stick and a slice of orange or apple
$51.00 per Case
November Sale
2016 Tomasello Atlantic County Vidal Blanc Ice Wine

Partially frozen Vidal Blanc grapes were harvested from our vineyard, pressed and used in the fermentation of this Vidal Blanc Ice Wine. The harvest sugar was 34.3% by weight with the post-fermentation residual sugar at 10.5%. Wonderful honey and berry character . Best served chilled as a dessert wine  and Vidal  Ice wine is at its best when served with Creme Brulee' . Past NJ Governor's Cup Winner, Platinum Medal 2016 San Diego Wine Competition, Best of Show AWS NJ Wine Competition

$30.00 | $22.50 per Bottle
$360.00 per Case
November Sale
Artisan Orchard Cranberry Cider
is a blend of all American Cranberries and apples picked at the peak of ripeness. The resulting cider displays both the "puckery" character of cranberries and the sweetness of crisp red apples.  Fermented in small batches to capture its intense character and bottled cold to lock in the fresh fruit taste.We hope that you enjoy our Artisan Orchard Cranberry Cider with all of your friends and family.

650ml (22 fl. oz.)

$9.95 | $7.46 per Bottle
$119.40 | $89.52 per Case
Please note: The minimum order quantity for this item is 1.
November Sale
Tomasello Cranberry Wine
  is a perfect balance of light sweetness and tart, refreshing cranberry. The color is an intense cranberry red and the aroma is enticing, especially when served at room temperature. This 100% natural cranberry wine can be enjoyed on its own or as a complement to an array of foods. Tomasello Cranberry Wine tastes great with a number of traditional foods with which you would typically serve cranberry products. Try our Tomasello Cranberry Wine with Turkey - you'll find that it is the perfect substitute for cranberry sauce. Or serve Tomasello Cranberry Wine chilled with Creamy Cheesecake. The creamy character of the cheese cake is cleansed away by the tart acidity of the Cranberry Wine. For a more substantial drink try a Tomasello Cranberry Wine Cosmopolitan.
$14.95 | $11.21 per Bottle
$179.40 | $134.52 per Case
November Sale
Outer Coastal Plain Sangiovese

The 2017 Outer Coastal Plain Sangiovese was estate grown in our vineyard and was harvested on September 27, 2017. The must was fermented to dryness with a yeast strain isolated from a Languedoc terroir. The resulting wine was aged in new American oak casks to promote a roundness while preserving the wine’s fruity character.
$20.95 | $15.71 per Bottle
$251.40 | $188.55 per Case
Novemver Sale
Tomasello Blueberry Moscato
is a blend of 100% Blueberry wine and Moscato. This blend combines the fruity and delicate character of Outer Coastal Plain Blueberries with the spicy perfume of Moscato. So easy to drink character with a hint of sparkle. Great serve chilled and garnished with frozen Blueberries.
$14.95 | $11.21 per Bottle
$179.40 | $134.52 per Case

Artisan Orchard Blueberry Cider
is a blend of apple cider pressed from hand selected premium cider apples and Jersey highbush blueberries grown here in Hammonton, the "Blueberry Capital of the World!!!" The resulting cider displays blueberry pie characteristics with underlying crisp green apple notes. We hope that this Artisan Orchard Blueberry Cider is a Blueberry home run with friends and family wherever you choose to play!!!

Now in 6-12oz cans ON SALE
$12.99 per 6pack

$12.99 per Bottle
Tomasello Huckleberry Moscato is a  Rose' blend of fruit driven Huckleberry and Moscato wine which create a decadent combination of berry and honey melon character.  Great Served Chilled
$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case
Tomasello Broomstick Brew is delightful blend of red wine and mulling spices. Served warm from you Cauldron, this wicked concoction is perfect in front of a roaring fire with baked brie, toasted almonds and sugared apples. Delicious on Goblin nights when a howling wind chills your soul. Broomstick Brew warms your heart and embraces this special time of year.

Serve best warm.

$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case

Tomasello Spiced Apple
Tomasello Spiced Apple Wine is a delicious combination of Autumn apples and mulling spices, conjuring images of fallen leaves under foot, good books by the fireside and watching snow fall silently with a plate of apple pie. Perfect for serving warm with melted Brie, toasted almonds and Granny Smith apple slices. Delicious on Goblin nights, during Thanksgiving festivities, at your next tailgate party or after a good run down the slopes. Tomasello Spiced Apple Wine warms the chill in the air and give you something to look forward to, beside shoveling snow this winter!

$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case
Palmaris 2017 Outer Coastal Plain Chardonnay Reserve
This wine is produced from 100% Dijon clone Chardonnay grapes grown in the Winery's Flittertown Road Vineyard in the Outer Coastal Plain. The harvest occurred on September 14, 2017, at maturity consistent with reserve quality. The must was pressed, chilled, racked and fermented with a yeast isolated from the Suze‐la‐Rousse in the Cote du Rhone. Simultaneous malo‐lactic fermentation was initiated.  Sixty percent of the  wine was transferred to Boswell Light Toast American Oak for 6 months  , then reemarried with its 40% the non oaked portion and  bottled.
$25.00 per Bottle
$300.00 per Case
Our Palmaris 2014 Outer Coastal Plain Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
is presented under the name“Palmaris,” Latin for “Prize-Worthy” a name we reserve for wines of substantive character and
distinction made only in superior vintages.
2014 was a fine growing season in the Outer Coastal Plain, characterized by rainfall and
temperature conditions which allowed for maximum fruit maturity by late season. The three
grapes in the blend are:

80% Cabernet Sauvignon (harvested at 22 brix, t/a 7.5 g/l as tartaric),
15% Petit Verdot (harvested at 22.2 brix, t/a 7.2 g/l as tartaric), and
5% Cabernet Franc (harvested at 19.6 brix, t/a 7.6 g/l as tartaric).

The musts were fermented in contact with the skins for a period of 14 days and were
vinied using S. cerevisiae yeast originally isolated from France's Languedoc terroir. They
were made in separate lots between September 23 and October 8, 2014, and subsequently
transferred to a combination of French Nevers and American oak in January 2015. Malolactic
fermentation was effectuated in oak where the wine evolved for 30 months until July, 2017.
The wines were blended and bottled in August, 2017.

The Palmaris 2014 OCP Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied red that needs aeration to
develop its full flavor, so please decant prior to serving. We hope that you will enjoy this
fine wine with a fine meal while in the company of good friends.

All the Best from The Tomasello Family
4 Generations of Dedicated Outer Coastal Plain Winemaking

$30.95 per Bottle
$371.40 per Case

Artisan Orchard Hard Cider
is made from small lots of hand selected first choice premium cider apples. The pressed apple cider is fermented at Tomasello Winery in small batches using a strain of yeast from Alsace particularly suited to apples and is subseqently cold bottled for maximum fruit aroma retention.  Serve chilled

Gluten Free

650ml (22 fl oz)

$9.95 per Bottle
$119.40 per Case

Tomasello Cherry Moscato

This delightful Cherry Moscato is a blend of Cherry wine made from Michigan Montmorency pie Cherries and Moscato wine which combine to create a decadent combination of fruity tart Cherry and honey melon

$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case

Tomasello Almonique
A recipe wine made from moderately sweet Native American grapes flavored with natural almond and vanilla. "Amaretto-like" without the harsh astringency of alcohol. Excellent over ice cream with almond cookies or use in the pan to made a reduction for almond encrusted sea bass. If you love Almond Joy candy, be sure to try a Tomasello Winery Chocolate Almond Joy Martini!

$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case

2015 Outer Coastal Plain Dry Riesling

A crisp, refreshing wine with the pronounced spicy character of Riesling, this beautiful wine is inspired by the notable Alsace region’s style of a drier expression of the grape (as opposed to the sweet Germanic style of Riesling made in the Mosel region). Perfect with oysters, steamed lobster and scallops or a spicy Chinese, Thai or Asian-fusion dish –extremely versatile! A must, if you’ve never tried a dry Riesling.

$18.95 per Bottle
$227.40 per Case

Artisan Orchard Pineapple Cider
is blend of apple cider pressed from hand selected premium cider apples and succulent tropical pineapple juice fermented in small lots using a strain of yeast from Alsace. The resulting cider displays tropical pineapple aromatics with underlying zig zags of crisp apple. Upon drinking this luscious pairing, some have been known to say that it, “sweeps them away to an island paradise!!!” We hope that you enjoy our Artisan Orchard Pineapple Apple Cider with friends and family on whatever island oasis you choose!

Now in 6-12oz cans  ON SALE
$12.99 per 6pack

$12.99 per Bottle

American Ranier Red
(non-vintage) Tomasello Table Wine
Named after our grandmother, the famous Ranier Red is a sweet red wine with the taste of freshly picked grapes. Its intense grape character owes its beautiful fragrance primarily to Native American Concord Grape. With a sweetness level of a dessert wine, it is perfect with walnuts and stilton cheese. Made every year at our winery since its inception, over 78 years, it enjoys a very loyal following that grows everyday! For the sweeter palette, it is the most intense of the Ranier wines.

$13.95 per Bottle
$167.40 per Case
American Ranier White (non-vintage) Tomasello Table Wine
The Tomasello Ranier White is a sweet white wine with the taste of freshly picked grapes. It is intensely fruity through its grape character and is made primarily from the Native American Niagara grape. With a dessert sweetness level, it is perfect with cakes and semi-soft cheeses. Made for over 78 years at our family’s vineyard, it enjoys a very loyal following that continues to grow everyday! For the sweeter palette, it is the softest intensity of the Ranier wines.
$13.95 per Bottle
$167.40 | $125.52 per Case

Tomasello Red Raspberry Moscato

Tomasello Red Raspberry  Moscato is a blend of 100% Red Raspberry  wine and Moscato. This blend combines the intense decadent character of Red Raspberries with  the spicy perfume of Moscato. So easy to drink character with a hint of sparkle. Great serve chilled and garnished with frozen Red Raspberries.
$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case

2016 Outer Coastal Plain Chambourcin

The 2016 vintage was finished in American Oak for 12 months. It is best characterized as a medium-bodied Beaujolais style red with a slightly peppery finish. The best pairings for the Chambourcin’s unique finish are sharper cheeses (esp. blue veined), duck or lamb dishes, Caesar salad and pasta marinara sauce.
$20.95 per Bottle
$251.40 per Case

Shore House White 
is a premium semi-sweet white wine with hints of fruit.  It is perfect served chilled with brie en croute with strawberry jam or as a dinner wine with grilled salmon and dill beurre blanc.  Shore House White is the essence of summer
$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case

Tomasello Blackberry Moscato
is a blend of 100% Blackberry wine and Moscato. This blend combines the fruity and delicate character of Outer Coastal Plain Blackberries with the spicy perfume of Moscato. So easy to drink character with a hint of sparkle. Great serve chilled and garnished with frozen Blackberries.
$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case

Tomasello Blueberry Wine

For over  two decades ago Tomasello Winery has been producing 100% pure blueberry wine from cultivated high bush blueberries grown on the Atlantic County New Jersey Blueberries. The wine is semi-dry with soft and perfumed hints of blueberry. Recent studies prove Blueberry wine to be very high in antioxidants. To add a distinctive character to your sparkling wine, try a Tomasello Blueberry Wine Kir Royale. Pour one ounce of chilled Tomasello Blueberry Wine into the bottom of your favorite champagne flute. Top with Tomasello Blanc de Blanc Brut or your favorite bubbly. Serve this as a delightful aperitif before dinner. To highlight your salad course, top baby mixed greens, with slivered almonds, dried blueberries and a Tomasello Blueberry Wine Vinaigrette. Great with cheesecake

$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case

Red Raspberry Wine

2014 Atlantic County NJ Vintage Port

Palmaris 2015 Outer Coastal Plain Merlot Reserve