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May 2019 Sale
2018 Outer Coastal Plain Aromella

Planted in our Outer Coastal Plain Vineyards, Aromella is a new and exciting grape developed by researchers from Cornell University's agricultural experimental station in Geneva, NY. This grape whose parents are both hybrids, produces a wine with peach and tropical fruit aromas reminiscent of Moscato but not as sweet. Best served chilled. 
$15.95 | $12.76 per Bottle
$191.40 | $153.12 per Case
Palmaris 2017 Outer Coastal Plain Chardonnay Reserve
This wine is produced from 100% Dijon clone Chardonnay grapes grown in the Winery's Flittertown Road Vineyard in the Outer Coastal Plain. The harvest occurred on September 14, 2017, at maturity consistent with reserve quality. The must was pressed, chilled, racked and fermented with a yeast isolated from the Suze‐la‐Rousse in the Cote du Rhone. Simultaneous malo‐lactic fermentation was initiated. Sixty percent of the wine was transferred to Boswell Light Toast American Oak for 6 months, then remarried with its 40% the non-oak portion and bottled.
$25.00 per Bottle
$300.00 per Case

May 2019 Sale
Shore House White
is a premium semi-sweet white wine with hints of fruit. It is perfect served chilled with brie en croute with strawberry jam or as a dinner wine with grilled salmon and dill beurre blanc. Shore House White is the essence of summer!
$14.95 | $11.21 per Bottle
$179.40 | $134.52 per Case

2017 Outer Coastal Plain Chardonnay
This is a dry buttery malo-lactic naked Chardonnay with no exposure to oak. It is approachable with a forward fruity character and was fermented to dryness with Prise de Mousse. Excellent with soft cheeses, and baked whole grilled Branzino fish in a lemon caper reduction.

$17.95 per Bottle
$215.40 per Case

Tomasello American Ranier White

The Tomasello Ranier White is a sweet white wine with the taste of freshly picked grapes. It is intensely fruity through and is made primarily from the Native American Niagara grape. With a dessert sweetness level, it is perfect with cakes and semi-soft cheeses. Made for over 86 years at our family’s vineyard, it enjoys a very loyal following that continues to grow every day! For the sweeter palette, it is the softest intensity of the Ranier collection.
$13.95 per Bottle
$167.40 per Case

Outer Coastal Plain Pinot Grigio
Wonderful hints of grapefruit highlight this delightful Outer Coastal Plain grown crisp white. Classically refreshing and perfect for all seafood, grilled chicken dishes, cheeses and leafy green salads. A taste of summer in every sip!

$18.95 per Bottle
$227.40 per Case

2017 Outer Coastal Plain Dry Riesling
A crisp, refreshing wine with the pronounced spicy character of Riesling. This beautiful wine is inspired by the notable Alsace region’s style of a drier expression of the grape, as opposed to the sweet Germanic style of Riesling made in the Mosel region. Extremely versatile and perfect with seafood or a spicy Asian-fusion dish!

$18.95 per Bottle
$227.40 per Case

2016 Outer Coastal Plain Rkatsiteli

Grown in our southern New Jersey vineyards, this mysteriously named ancient vinifera variety is reputed to originate from the Caucasus Mountains bordering Armenia, the smallest of the former Soviet Republics. Known at one time to be the third most planted varietal in the world, Rkatsiteli produces wines that are spicy with underlying hints of pear. The Rkatsiteli pairs exceedingly well with spicy dishes and is a great alternative for Riesling or Moscato style wines.
$18.95 per Bottle
$227.40 per Case

Daffodil White
was made to capture the essence of spring. A premium semi-dry white wine with hints of fruit. It is perfect served chilled with cilantro-laden salsas and as a dinner wine with citrus grilled chicken or shrimp fra diavlo.
$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case