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2016 Tomasello Atlantic County Vidal Blanc Ice Wine
Made from partially frozen Vidal Blanc grapes that were harvested from our New Jersey vineyard, pressed and used in the fermentation of this wine. The harvest sugar was 34.3% by weight with the post-fermentation residual sugar at 10.5%. With a wonderful honey and berry character, it is best served chilled as a dessert wine alongside a decadent Crème Brûlée.

NJ Governor's Cup Winner, Platinum Medal 2016 San Diego Wine Competition, Best of Show AWS NJ Wine Competition
$30.00 per Bottle
$360.00 per Case

Tomasello Blueberry Forté

This fruit ‘port’ is made by combining the base fruit wine with the corresponding fruit eau de vie. A kicked-up version of the Tomasello blueberry fruit wine. We produce the base wine for the eau de vie and send it along to a small upstate New York distillery, where out wine is turned into single batch pot still eau de vie. Upon its return, we craft the appropriate blend of wine, eau de vie and residual sweetness to create a beautifully, smooth fruit port with 18% alcohol per volume. A terrific pairing with chocolate after dinner.
$22.00 per Bottle
$264.00 per Case

Tomasello American Almonique
A recipe wine made from moderately sweet Native American grapes flavored with natural almond and vanilla. ‘Amaretto-like’ without the harsh astringency of alcohol. Excellent over ice cream with almond cookies or used to made a reduction for an almond encrusted sea bass. If you love Almond Joy candy, be sure to try a Tomasello Winery Chocolate Almond Joy Martini!

$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case

Tomasello Mulled Spice Wine
is made from a moderately sweet Native American grape, flavored with traditional mulling spices. Often served warm with a slice of orange and a cinnamon stick, it has been called the perfect après-ski wine. A popular style of wine in the outdoor street markets of Europe, our Mulled Spice Wine is great for the holidays or any other cold winter night when you’d rather stay in.

$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case
Tomasello Broomstick Brew is delightful blend of red wine and mulling spices. Served warm from you Cauldron, this wicked concoction is perfect in front of a roaring fire with baked brie, toasted almonds and sugared apples. Delicious on goblin nights when a howling wind chills your soul. Broomstick Brew warms your heart and embraces this special time of year.
$14.95 per Bottle
$179.40 per Case

Tomasello Spiced Apple Wine is a delicious combination of Autumn apples and mulling spices, conjuring images of fallen leaves under foot, good books by the fireside and watching snow fall silently with a plate of apple pie. Perfect for serving warm with melted Brie, toasted almonds and Granny Smith apple slices. Delicious on goblin nights, during Thanksgiving festivities, at your next tailgate party or after a good run down the slopes. Tomasello Spiced Apple Wine warms the chill in the air and gives you something to look forward to!

Sold Out!!! more next Fall

2016 Tomasello Atlantic County Vintage Port

Our 2016 Vintage Port was made from a field blend of 2016 Petit Verdot and Chambourcin. 100% oak aged and finished to an alcohol content of 18% in a late bottled vintage style with a nice balance of fruit and residual sugar. Great with Stilton Blue topped with candied walnuts in front of a roaring fire after dinner.

$21.95 per Bottle
$263.40 per Case