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Artisan Orchard Pineapple Cider

August 2019 Heatwave Sale
Artisan Orchard Pineapple Cider

The Pineapple Cider is blend of apple cider, pressed from hand selected premium apples and succulent tropical pineapple juice, fermented in small lots using a strain of yeast from Alsace. Upon drinking this luscious pairing, some have been known to say that it “sweeps them away to an island paradise.”

Gluten free, best served chilled.
Available in 6-pack 12ounce cans

Notes: Tropical pineapple aromatics with underlying zig zags of crisp apple
Specialty Cocktail Recipes: Pineapple Bellini, Pineapple Martini
$12.99 | $9.74 per Bottle
Size 6 Bottle Pack